Available Upgrades

Get more from your hosting. Acenet Product upgrades let you fine tune your website to meet any need.

Dedicated IP Addresses

A Dedicated IP Address is a worthwhile addition to any website. In fact, we believe that a dedicated IP is so important that we started including one with our Enterprise 2.0 and Hosting Container plans. For older shared hosting and Reseller plans, a single Dedicated IP Address can be purchased
a la carte for an additional $2/month.

Resellers and Virtual/Dedicated server owners can purchase IP Addresses in blocks as indicated in the following chart. Due to routing restrictions, Dedicated IPs cannot be purchased individually for Virtual/Dedicated servers.

Cloud server owners can purchase IP Blocks according to the following chart, but will receive the total
number of IPs as available.

IP Address Pricing Chart

CIDR Number of IP Addresses Monthly Cost
/29 8 IPs, 6 Usable $  4.97/month
/28 16 IPs, 14 Usable $  9.97/month
/27 32 IPs, 30 Usable $19.97/month

Please note that entire blocks of IPs require IP justification. This is not an Acenet restriction, but a guideline outlined by ARIN, the American Registry for Internet Numbers. You must show utilization of any currently assigned ranges and provide a need-based justification for the range requested. If you are purchasing a block of IPs, please follow the link below to our IP Justification guidelines:

IP Justification Guidelines

Dedicated IPs are available as an upgrade to an existing plan. If you'd like to purchase a Dedicated IP Address or block of IPs, please contact the Sales and Billing department.

Request Dedicated IP(s) at our Helpdesk