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IP Justification

ARIN, the American Registry for Internet Numbers, manages allocation of IP resources in North America. One of ARIN's policies obligates us to justify IP usage and allocation. Justification of existing IP address space is required upon requesting additional IP ranges. Acenet complies with all ARIN requirements and subsequently requires justification from our clients upon requests for IP allocations.

Rules to follow for IP Justification

  • Make sure to use 90%+ of all assigned IP addresses
  • Make sure you've completed the IP justification form provided above
  • All IP addresses used must be correctly justified with the domains, the sub domains and/or the services
  • Submit your complete list of justification for active IP addresses with your new IP addresses requests

If you operate a server with us and assign IPs to your customers, make sure they provide valid justifications and complete your IP justification lists with those. We expect our clients to adhere to the same IP justifications we require.

Request for IP addresses Denied

If we deem for any reason that a justification is inadequate, you can be denied allocation of additional IPs. Requests for IP addresses intended to increase search engine ranking and for SEO (Search Engines Optimization), will be refused. Requests for the use of IP addresses to avoid an active spam blacklisting and for sending emails under different IP sources will be refused.

We enforce the same policies that ARIN requires and try to do our part to keep the Internet properly pruned. We appreciate your understanding and compliance with these policies.

When purchasing a block of IPs, please Download the IP Justification Form and attach it to a ticket with our Sales and Billing department.

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