Merchant Accont

Available Upgrades

Get more from your hosting. Acenet Product upgrades let you fine tune your website to meet any need. Merchant Account

Need to process credit card orders for your online goods or services? Look no further than an Merchant Account.

An Merchant Account gives you the convenience and security you need to process online transactions using the internet's largest payment gateway service provider. is widely supported by popular E-Commerce solutions like OSCommerce, Magento, WHMCS, and many more.

Application / Underwriting Fee: $0.00
(includes Review, Credit Score, and Analysis)

Merchant Account Setup Fee: $0.00
(includes MID assignment, File Build, Hierarchy)

Merchant Account Download/Deployment Fee: $0.00
(includes Terminal/Gateway Programming, Testing)

Annual Fee: $0.00
(covers support, adjustments & risk management costs)

Monthly Fees:
  • Monthly Minimum: $0.00
  • Monthly Statement Fee: $10.00
  • Monthly Gateway Fee: $15.00
  • VISA/MC Discount Rate: 2.35%
  • Per Transaction Rate: $0.35

97% approval record & 24 hour activation!