Clean Agent Fire Suppression

Sleep well knowing your website is safeguarded by the latest advancements in fire suppression technology. The clean agent fire suppression system is environmentally safe, leaves no residue, and -- unlike water sprinkler systems -- extinguishes fires without destroying electronics.

Backbone Connectivity
Superior Cooling

Suffer less downtime because of failed hardware; that is the benefit of better cooling. The data center's hot/cold aisle design keeps servers consistently cooler. Pressurized cold aisles push cold air into the front side of server cabinets. Internal server fans then pull cold air into the front of each server and exhaust hot air out the back. The hot air is cycled back to the air conditioning units through hot air returns in the ceiling of the hot aisles. The rear cabinet aisles are enclosed in sealed glass to prevent hot air from reaching cold air server intake.

100% Network Uptime

BGP-4 peering provides redundant transit to the wide area network. The local area network features redundancy at every layer. Redundant supervisor engines and redundant line cards provide redundancy at the core and distribution layers. Redundant cabinet switches, each with redundant uplinks to separate distribution line cards, offer a redundant access layer. Cloud nodes are outfitted with redundant network interface cards, and each is connected to a separate access layer switch. A single logical interface is created using two physical interfaces via a network bond on the node and a port channel (etherchannel) on the two access layer swithes. The result: redundancy at ever possible point of network failure.

Shortest Path Routing

Costs can be slashed forcing traffic out the cheapest destination path. The problem: often the cheapest path is the longest and slowest. Different transit providers charge different prices, so there is opportunity to save money -- at the expense of slower speeds -- forcing traffic out the cheapest path. Network administrators can secretly save fortunes -- at your expense -- configuring router preferences for the cheapest path. Worse, you may not realize your website is losing visitors because of it. Your website could be blazing fast for you, while sluggish for others getting a different egress route (because they are in a different location or use a different ISP.) Outbound traffic on Acenet's network always uses the shortest, fastest path; no cost saving preferences are configured.

100% Power Availability

Cloud nodes are powered by redundant power supply units, and each PSU is connected to a separate UPS/Diesel backup power system. In case of a commercial power outage, each cloud node is powered by two completely independent backup power systems. The cloud node power supply units are hot swappable and can be replaced as needed without downtime.