Web Hosting on a $14,000 slightly shared server

If you want your website to consistently load fast, without any outages, this hosting service will do just that.

The Secret

FOURTEEN YEARS OF EXPERIENCE has taught us this: overspending on server hardware almost eliminates all hosting imperfections. That is why your account is on a $14,000 server, shared with only 149 others. This is how our servers averaged 93.55% idle last month (November 2016) -- a generous cushion for spikes in usage.

Beware of competitors using inferior servers and cramming too many accounts on each server to drive down the price.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

If you compare superficial features, such as storage size, against pricing, many competitors promise unlimited storage and a cheaper price. But not all storage is the same. The best data-center class solid state drive (engineered by Samsung) has been selected for your data. These drives are 750 times faster and 100 times more reliable than mechanical hard drives. And these drives are even 10 times more durable (from write wear) than the second best option. (Cheaper solid state drives wear down more quickly, causing performance to steadily decline as the drive ages.) All your data is stored on a hardware RAID array of these top tier drives.

Beware of some competitors advertising 'SSD hybrid storage' because it means some data is still stored on mechanical storage. Every bit of your data is stored on solid state storage.

Plus there is no fine print limiting your storage usage. (It has become the industry norm to loudly advertise 'unlimited storage' while quietly limiting storage usage in the terms and conditions.)

Join others with high expectations
"I'm a tough customer. Acenet has always come through and been 100% supportive of my hosting needs at any time on any day. In over 10 years of using Acenet, I have never experience an outage. Further, my support tickets are always handled promptly and I am never left waiting around for an answer. This is obviously a well run company that offers a solid service."

Law Office of Anthony D. Zinnanti

Better web hosting, still affordable

Premium website hosting for less than $0.43 per day. You pay just $150 annually (every 12 months). That comes out to just $12.50 per month.

30-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Your full payment will be returned, upon request, for any reason or no reason at all, during the first 30 days. Try the web hosting for the next 30 days before you decide if it is right for you. You will either love it, or the full $150 will be returned to you without delay.

Free professional migration

Firing a subpar hosting provider is fast, cheap and easy. Let the experts handle your migration from start to finish at no charge. Others are paying competitors $150 to do this. You pay nothing. All you have to do is submit a technical support ticket, after ordering, to claim your free professional migration.

The elephant in the room: No phone support

All support is provided via an online support desk ticket system. Online support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. This method of support is extremely efficient. You can expect timely, accurate answers from happy experts. You get to deal directly with the same engineers who are managing the servers. Everyone on the team has a four-year technical degree and years of hands-on experience. Plus most have earned advanced technical certifications. The ticket system is great for collaboration among our team. There are often several eyes involved if your issue isn't simple. Overall most people love their work. The average ticket response was rated 4.696/5.0 last month (November 2016) by people like you.

Just short of all inclusive

You get access to all hosting features, including a dedicated IP and premium backups. Some competitors are ruthless with upselling. A commercial spam filtering solution is the only addon here. Everything else is included. The open-source Spam Assassin is included free of charge, along with every other hosting feature. If you become bombarded with spam, SpamExperts can easily be added for $4.95 monthly. SpamExperts licensing includes spam filtering for up to 1,000 mailboxes under a single domain. Over 99% of domains just use Spam Assassin, though. SpamExperts has appeased the other few who are really picky about spam getting through.

Enterprise R1Soft Backup Manager is included

Each night, your data is backed up to remote storage in a separate data center. In case of an unrecoverable RAID failure, system engineers will quickly restore your data to a hot-spare server using the bare-metal restore feature. You also have access to the Enterprise R1Soft Backup Manager in your control panel. This means you can instantly reverse any webmaster mistakes with a single click of the mouse.

Waterless (non-destructive!) fire suppression

The data center features the Dupont FE-25 fire extinguishing clean agent. It can extinguish a fire in seconds without any destruction or cleanup. Many data centers use a water-based fire sprinkler system to save money. Unfortunately, water will destroy hosting servers just as well as fire. They are rolling the dice that a fire will never happen. But you do not have to worry about that gamble.

No power outages, ever

Your hosting server is powered by two power supply units, and each power supply unit is connected to a separste uninterruptible power supply. Each uninterruptible power supply is then connected to its own diesel generator. There is redundancy at all three possible points of power failure. A contract is even in place with a fuel carrier to refuel the diesel tanks during a sustained commercial power outage. Your website will never go dark because of a power loss.

Cisco FlexStack technology

Your hosting server has two network interface cards, and each network interface card is connected to a separate access switch. These two connections are bonded into a single logical connection. This logical connection survives a loss of either physical connection. Bonding network interface cards -- connected to different access switches -- was made possible via Cisco FlexStack technology. You got this technology working for you. You will never be bothered by any networking hardware failures.

Package Features
Storage (Hardware RAID) 32 GB
Transfer 320 GB
Host up to 10 Websites
Dedicated IP Address
cPanel Control
Subdomains 100
Addon Domains 10
Parked Domains 100
Daily Remote Backups
MySQL Databases 100
Email Accounts 1,000
FTP Accounts 100
Softaculous Script Installer
Brute Force Defense
Website Application Firewall
24/7/365 Online Support Helpdesk
15 Minute Average Support Response
Extensive Online Knowledgebase
HOW-TO Online Video Demos
RAID-10 Solid State Drive Redundancy
Quad Processor Nodes
CloudLinux 6 64-bit Linux Operating System
24/7 Server Monitoring
Remote R1Soft CDP Backups
Redundant 22-ton Liebart HVAC
Redundant Backbone Providers
Diesel Powered Generator Backup
Environmental Monitoring
Server Software
Daily Software Updates
Apache Web Server
mod_rewrite Apache module
XCache PHP file caching
MPM-Worker Apache multithread handling
MySQL 5.6
PHP Selector - Choose PHP 4.4 to 7.0
SSH Access (Secure Shell)
Easy Install Scripts (Softaculous)
Crafty Syntax Live Help
Help Center Live
PHP Support Tickets
Support Logic Helpdesk
OS Commerce
Zen Cart
AccountLab Plus
4Images Gallery
Coppermine Photo Gallery
Advanced Poll
Templates Express
TikiWiki CMS/Groupware
Additional Features
phpMyAdmin Database Access
AWStats Site Statistics
Raw Access Logs
FREE Premium DNS
File Manager
Cron Jobs
Password Protected Directories
Custom Error Pages
Hotlink Protection
IP Deny Manager
SSH Access (By Request)
Redirect Manager
Email Forwarders
Email Autoresponders
IMAP/POP3 Access
Webmail (Online Email Access from Anywhere!)
Horde, Squirrelmail, and Roundcube Webmail
Custom php.ini Support
Web Design Technology
Dreamweaver Support
Flash/Macromedia Shockwave
JPG, GIF, PNG Image Formats
.htaccess Support
SiteStudio Site Builder Available
FTP Access and Client Support
Our Guarantees
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
30-day Moneyback Guarantee